So, hands up – I am biased. I am in this book! Just a little bit but Damian and I worked together before his epic Pennine Way record attempt in the summer of 2020 and he discusses the work we did in the book. But despite me marring the pages I still loved it.

It is full of words you are not used to seeing in grown up books (bimble, bobbins) and disgustingly full of snot and dislodged toenails and all the grim stuff that goes with running very very long distances. But it is also a history of ultra-running in the UK, talks you through the who’s who of fell and ultra-running and is written with a ton of self-deprecating humour. 

Damian writes in a way that makes you feel if you are running alongside him. The descriptions of the mountains and hills and bogs that he runs in are easy to visualise and the chats about all the race food feel real enough to taste; and I will definitely be trying both humous and avocado sandwiches and macaroons for my next long run!

I found ‘In it for the long run’ a really enjoyable way to learn about ultra-running in a funny and relaxed way.

It is available on the publishers website: In It for the Long Run – Vertebrate Publishing (