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Performance in Mind is a sports and performance psychology consultancy based in London. We teach the skills you need to excel when you perform; whether in sport or in front of the media, whether as a member of Team GB or taking on your first Marathon.

The Performance in Mind approach uses a mix of humanistic and cognitive behavioural psychology to support you in developing new strategies and perspectives. These will help you feel more comfortable and in control when entering potentially stressful situations and ensure you are able to perform at your best.

Whatever your sport, whatever your distance, learning psychological skills can ensure you train effectively to maximise your potential and perform exceptionally to achieve your goals.



sport psychology

Dr. Perry will see both elite and amateur athletes to help them overcome barriers to success so they enjoy their sport more and perform better when it matters.

£95 – £120 – 55 mins


Performance coaching

Applied Sport Psychology techniques do not just help athletes. They can help anyone aiming high; stage or screen, medicine, law, entrepreneurs, or business leaders, to feel more purposeful, driven, focused, and skilled in high-performance techniques.

£95 – £120 – 55 mins



Josephine can run workshops, webinars or talks for clubs, organisations, schools, and companies. These can be off the shelf on key issues that arise regularly or uniquely designed for issues that are currently holding back your athletes. Workshops can really bring together groups who have not been connecting well, and they can help them focus on areas that will help them all improve.

£300 – £400


content creation

Dr.Perry is experienced in public speaking, media interviews, and working with brands who want to incorporate sport psychology into their PR and Marketing Campaigns. If you would like performance psychology-focused content created for Television, Podcasts, Articles, or Campaigns click to find out more.



This is for you if you have challenge ahead and want to do everything possible to achieve it. You have taken a deep breath and decided that even if you don’t achieve it – you want to know you tried and left no stone unturned. It might be taking your business career to the next level, attempting a step up in sport (perhaps selection for a team or a new record), a scary challenge (like a marathon or world champs comp) or needing to perform brilliantly in front of lots of people.


keynote speeches

Josephine’s expertise is in helping VIPs (Very Intelligent Perfectionists) to handle the anxiety that comes when trying to perform at a high level whether that is in sport, stage, in business, academia or medicine. She offers keynote speeches that talk to this group or those who coach or lead these VIPs to help them manage their fears about not being perfect so they can live with less frustration and better able to reach their potential.  

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Client Testimonials

“Our daughter has been working with Josie over the last 2 years on her netball. She has been a really great help in providing her with resources and techniques to overcome her anxieties around trials and important matches and in general building a positive and confident approach which has really benefited her play and has seen her picked for the team that she was aiming for. A lot of the techniques she has learned from Josie on this journey have not only benefited her netball but also her approach to life outside of netball. It really has been a tremendous experience for her and we couldn’t have wished for a better coach.”

Netball player’s parents.

“We were really pleased to welcome Dr Josephine Perry to lead a webinar on The Psychology of Sport during Mental Health Awareness Week. Josie’s presentation was informative and full of tips that could be used in every day life. We are not an organisation of sports people, but we’re passionate about psychology and how it can be applied to a number of different aspects of wellbeing – Josie understood this and presented a relatable, enjoyable and professional webinar that was suited to our staff. Her anecdotes and personalised touch, and the fact she encouraged participation from her audience, made it all the more engaging. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Josie again to lead a webinar or seminar.”

Millie Caffull

British Psychological Society

“Dr Josie Perry presented an online session ‘Ten Tools To Mental Fitness’ as part as our annual coach summit during lockdown. Dr Perry took the time to understand our aims and was able to tailor the content perfectly for our Baseball and Softball coaches. The feedback from those involved from grass roots right through to National teams was outstanding and has made an immediate impact on their daily performance. Dr Josie was flexible and professional in her approach. A real delight to work with. We look forward to working together again.” 

Liz Knight

BaseballSoftball UK

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