We offer services for:

Elite athletes who need support when performing with the media. Please contact Josephine Perry to enquire about costs.

Amateur athletes who need support in building their mental skills and knowledge for injury recovery, a full season of racing and one off big challenges. The skills the sessions will focus on will be based on an assessment process (£100) and will be built into a 5 session (1 hour each session) programme costing £250.

Any athletes who are facing a specific challenge in their sporting performance and need some support to overcome this. These challenges can be varied but may include a loss of confidence, a poor run of competition, difficulties remaining calm in difficult situations or anxiety before competition. These sessions will be charged on a session by session basis at £65 an hour.

If you would like to book in an hour’s Skype session please click here

Dr Perry also sees clients at The Practice at 322 on West End Lane in West Hampstead on a Saturday morning. You can book to see her here on their website.

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