Whether we are going through a global pandemic (hello 2020-21), have a tough period in our lives with lots of stressors or we have clinical depression or anxiety something which can be helpful is a self-care box.

I call it a boost box as I like to think these are not just things we do to soothe ourselves but actually to give us a little push forward back to feeling more like ourselves. We put it together when we are in a good place, knowing it is sitting there waiting for us when we are struggling. I had a few ideas with my psychologist hat on of what might be useful but put a call out on twitter and got loads more brilliant ideas. So here are 24 different things which you could put into a boost box:

  1. Playlist of favourite tracks – ones you can lose yourself in
  2. A card reminding you of the rainbow technique
  3. A card reminding you to do colourful breathing
  4. A favourite childhood toy or teddy bear that makes you feel safe
  5. Small jigsaw – another brilliant way to lose yourself
  6. Colouring book and pencils
  7. A stress ball or putty you can play with
  8. Your favourite book
  9. Your favourite photo
  10. A copy of your favourite piece of art
  11. A quote or mantra which really resonates
  12. A list of the things in life you really value
  13. Really cosy socks
  14. A recipe you love cooking or baking
  15. A candle with a calming scent to light
  16. A gratitude sheet so you can add on new things you are grateful for
  17. Tissues – cause sometimes crying helps
  18. Messages from people you love
  19. Your confidence jar
  20. Bubble mixture – imagine each worry inside the bubble and watch it blow away
  21. Chocolate – just because (and I’m sure there are some good chemicals in chocolate that help us feel good)
  22. Some pieces of paper you can write down a negative belief to scrunch up and throw away.
  23. A note to yourself that you have written reminding yourself it always passes and you will feel better again.
  24. A list of 4 or 5 easy things to do which help. Some of these could be:
    • Going outside for a walk
    • Dancing in the kitchen
    • Calling a friend
    • An easy goal to achieve
    • Walking your own or a borrowed dog
    • Watching a show you find funny.
    • Exercise you find fun
    • Getting a hug.