Success Story

Our success story in Chapter 2 Maxine Peake:  You can find out more about Maxine on:

Instagram: betteblavatsky

Twitter: MPeakeOfficial


Characters and organisations featured in the chapter

Thomas Edison:

Nadia Comaneci (1976 Montreal Olympics):

Michael Jordan (Nike advert):

Kathy Sullivan:

Michael Phelps (Speedo contract) :

Studies discussed

A mastery climate increases feelings of competence, self-esteem, persistence, happiness & morality: Harwood, C. G., Keegan, R. J., Smith, J. M., & Raine, A. S. (2015). A systematic review of the intrapersonal correlates of motivational climate perceptions in sport and physical activity. Psychology of Sport and Exercise18, 9-25.

Organization where staff worked entirely on commission, saw 75% of employees leave within a year: Deci, E. L., Olafsen, A. H., & Ryan, R. M. (2017). Self-determination theory in work organizations: The state of a science. Annual review of organizational psychology and organizational behavior4, 19-43.

As many as 82 per cent of adults have felt imposter syndrome at some point in their careers and it has been found harmful to career progression: Bravata, D. M., Watts, S. A., Keefer, A. L., Madhusudhan, D. K., Taylor, K. T., Clark, D. M., … & Hagg, H. K. (2020). Prevalence, predictors, and treatment of impostor syndrome: a systematic review. Journal of General Internal Medicine35(4), 1252-1275.