Years ago when I worked for a big health charity we commissioned some research from the London School of Economics to see how much exercise people were really doing each day. They found the average was 21 minutes a day. That was it. If you are reading this and have traveled to a sport psychology website you are probably on a lot more already but for most of us moving more (especially if we have sitting down type jobs) is going to be beneficial.

Despite this – suggesting even 10 minute activities can feel stressful when we already have a full diary or feel like we are heading towards stress or burnout. So, I asked on twitter for some ideas to sneak 1-2 minute movements into our lives. A few of these, a few times a day and you’ve already doubled your movement minutes.

Waiting for microwave or kettle…

  1. Yoga
  2. Calf raises
  3. Standing on one leg cooking
  4. One legged knee bends
  5. Tree pose/dancers pose
  6. Shadow boxing
  7. Pirouettes

To do in the bathroom

  1. Drawing the alphabet in the air with your toe while standing on the other leg when cleaning teeth.
  2. Balancing on one leg with a flexed hip in the shower
  3. Hamstring stretch while scrubbing down towards my feet in the shower.


  1. When walking do a quick beach clean. Two minutes a day. Brings new friends and reminds us that if we stick to a plan we can chip away at things each day.
  2. Stretching hip flexors in the school playground while waiting at school pickup
  3. Put washing basket on ground so have to bend and stretch for every item to peg them on the line.
  4. Walk / Stand barefoot on the grass, quietly breathing deeply.


  1. Savouring moments in the day: playing with a child, a beautiful open field, a moment listening to live music – finding the beauty and appreciating it.
  2. 30-sec meditation
  3. Centring self with deep breathing.
  4. Foot scrunches whilst scrolling through Twitter
  5. The Mini Mermaid flow. Stop. Look. Listen. Stand Tall. Just takes a few moments to check in with ourselves and reset if needed. Or love where we’re at.


  1. Climbing stairs… never taking lifts / escalators if they can be avoided.
  2. Make stair climbing dynamic by going ultra-slow or taking multiple steps at once

Not movement based – but brilliant for wellbeing…

  1. Before bed write down three happy/grateful things from your day.