We tend to make our memories around milestones. Birthdays, school terms, sporting events or competitions and holidays are those pillars around which our memories attach. Except this last year. Birthdays were celebrated without physical parties, school was often at home, sporting competitions have been mainly cancelled or held behind closed doors and holidays are still missing in action. So the year full of restrictions seems to have flown by because we have fewer memories of it. In my head it only seems about three months long, punctuated by the few trips I took, the occasional visits to my mum’s garden and the box sets we devoured.

But – something I am seeing with so many athletes at the moment is that they have been able to take a year that they could have interpreted with disappointment and reflect on what they have learnt and how they have developed. So many have been able to see the sunny side of what has been a tricky time. We have been drawing these into a ‘lockdown legacy’. Like an annual report that a company would do; we can each look back over our year and pick out what we have learnt, who we have valued, identify our achievements and make better goals for the future. Below are some questions to answer to create your lockdown legacy.

Over the last year…

  • My favourite moment:
  • I am proudest of:
  • The people who supported me:
  • The people I supported:
  • The biggest belly laugh I had:
  • Something I learnt about myself:
  • I became grateful for:
  • Something I will do differently now:
  • My biggest achievement: