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  • Athletes spend many hours each week on their physical fitness – now they have an easy way to also train their brains to be mentally fit.
  • The Sporting Brain Box is a full mental skills toolkit which will allow athletes at all levels to benefit from the techniques taught by sport psychologists.
  • Dr Josephine Perry, Chartered Sport Psychologist at Performance in Mind and Sarah Dudgeon, Designer at Art of your Success have worked together to create the box.

Awareness of the mental side of sport has never been higher. No longer hiding the fact they work with sport psychologists, clubs and athletes now celebrate the successes that they can achieve once they have their mindset on their side. But, not everyone trying to do well in their sport or attempting a challenge has access to a sport psychologist or can afford to see one.

Having seen the benefits that learning mental skills and approaches has on her clients Chartered Sport Psychologist Dr Josephine Perry approached Designer and keen runner and cyclist Sarah Dudgeon, who creates motivational products and gifts for athletes, about collaborating to develop a unique product. The product was to give educational benefit to athletes but in a really accessible and fun way. The Sporting Brain Box was born. The box includes everything needed to learn and put into practice 13 strategies and techniques which don’t just help athletes to cope better with the pressures which come from performing in sport, but actually learn to thrive and enjoy the process of performing.

Based on Perry’s GRASP approach athletes using the box can become skilled in:

Goals: Setting goals and sticking to them by using a goal setting sheet, a training diary and weekly planner.

Racing: Designing mid race or competition tactics to get you through the tough times with a confidence booster, a skills sheet and a mantra.

Awareness: Having high levels of self-awareness through control mapping, seeing your stars in the dark and learning all about your chimp.

Support: Knowing where you get your support from for your sport and from supporting yourself with a bravery box.

Prepared: Being really well prepared so you get to your competition or performance confident and with the right level of mental activation through ‘What if’ planning, a pre-performance routine and developing your personal performance playlist.

Perry is delighted that the box will help those who have never been able to use psychology before. “I love seeing how athletes benefit from learning sport psychology techniques. The improvement in their performances, their new approaches to their sport and the enjoyment they get from it can be really exciting to see. Hopefully the Sporting Brain Box will offer these mental skills to those who may not previously have been able to access sport psychology.”

Dudgeon says “Art Of Your Success is all about inspiring you in your challenges by bringing you products to motivate, organise and celebrate your training & racing.  We’ve seen how athletes like to improve their own performance, while also supporting others.  The box can help both by becoming an essential part of an athlete’s own sports kit, but also an ideal gift for anyone tackling a challenge.”

The box launches on October 3rd and can be purchased from: for £50 plus £4 postage.

Notes to editors:

  1. High res photos are available on request.
  2. Dr Josephine Perry is a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist and runs the Performance Consultancy, Performance in Mind which works with athletes and stage performers to perform at their best under all conditions. Perry has recently published her first book; Performing under Pressure: Strategies for Sporting Success. She also has a love of endurance sports and has raced in triathlons all over the world.
  3. Sarah Dudgeon is a keen runner and cyclist. She’s run over 50 marathons, including a personal best of 3:00:04, and a few silly Guinness World Records along the way, and cycled the whole Tour de France route.  She combines her passions and knowledge of sport and design at Here you can find training tips, gifts and stationery, or commission a design for your club or event.
  4. The techniques in the box can help athletes who want to:
  • Reduce anxiety and nerves
  • Boost their confidence
  • Cope better with setbacks
  • Spot helpful patterns of pre-competition behaviours
  • Get to the right level of activation before performance
  • Increase their levels of emotional control
  • Have positive and helpful head chatter doing competitions.

For more information contact Josephine: 07958 519733 or