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Performing under Pressure: psychological strategies for sporting success

The Psychology of Exercise

I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness

The 10 pillars of success: secret strategies of high achievers

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 Why write books?

Performance in Mind was set up with the goal of making performance psychology widely accessible so everyone who wants to perform well can benefit from the great techniques that we use.

Working one to one with people is expensive and we realise that many people who would benefit cannot afford to pay the costs required for individual sessions. As a result we have developed some options to make performance psychology and the techniques used, available to everyone, whatever their budget.  


sporting brain box

The Sporting Brain Box we designed with the amazing Sarah Dudgeon who runs Art of Your Success, which gives you a fun way to complete 13 sport psychology techniques to help you perform better and enjoy your sport more. 


performing under pressure

.Josephine’s first book Performing Under Pressure was published in 2019 and was written to be an essential resource to improve sporting performance in high-pressure situations. The book takes the nine most common reasons an athlete comes to see a sport psychologist, explains why each element occurs and suggest the right techniques to resolve it. There are 64 techniques and strategies offered within the book helping those using it to develop the right sporting mindset and perform at the highest standards, even under the most pressurised of situations. Performing Under Pressure can be purchased from the publishers’ Routledge.

I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness

Josephine wrote this book because she works so much with young athletes and see where they struggle. Often they are working hard in school as well as their sport and feel they need to be brilliant at everything. I Can helps young athlete to focus on: being successful, handling their nerves, improving their skills, building confidence, concentrating, bouncing back from injury or setback, belonging in their sport and feeling like an athlete. In each chapter they will hear from some of the best athletes in the world (through interviews with the author and quotes from exceptional autobiographies), answer questions designed to help them reflect and learn lots of techniques to improve their mental skills. I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness can be bought from the publishers: Sequoia.

The Psychology of Exercise

This book, written by Josephine, looks at the theories of exercise (in as non-geeky way as possible) and then considers the benefits, motivations and barriers of exercise for children, teens, adults, retirees and those with chronic health conditions. There is also a chapter covering exercise addiction which is a subject which definitely requires more understanding. The Psychology of Exercise can be purchased from the publisher Routledge.


From running Performance in Mind, Josephine has been fortunate to work with exceptional performers and as a result has identified ten psychological pillars that the ultra-successful have ingrained within their approach. She has developed these into The Ten Pillars of Success.

In this book you’ll hear those who have excelled in their field discussing their route to success and learn how you can emulate them.

A sense of belonging, mastery, autonomy, purpose, confidence, process, courage, optimism, internal insight or gratitude – all these skills can be vital in helping us overcome setbacks that can stand in the way of achieving our goals. It is free to download on Audible:  The Ten Pillars of Success Audiobook | Josephine Perry |  or can be pre-ordered as a print book from Bookshop The Ten Pillars of Success: Secret Strategies of High Achievers a book by Josephine Perry. (


Power Down to Power Up is an Audioguide written by Josephine and Lexie Williamson ( ) filled with 31 different techniques aimed at those who need to relax but probably don’t have the time. It isn’t formal or time consuming. You can do lots of them sitting. Some walking around. Most are only a couple of minutes long.

The techniques are evidence based, the music is good and they are all used by Lexie in her Yoga with athletes or Josephine in her sport psychology clinics. The techniques are spilt into six chapters: Settle, Ground, Focus, Perform, Reflect and Sleep. Power Down to Power Up is on Audible

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