We are never fully trained as psychologists. We are always learning. Most often from our own clients but ideally also from experts in the approaches we use. This means Continual Professional Development (CPD) is vital as both a trainee and as a qualified Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

It can be hard when you start out to know who puts on high quality training. Here I have listed the companies who offer CPD that myself and my fellow sport psychs have found valuable. I am not linked with any of them so please don’t yell at me if you don’t enjoy something – but hopefully these will give you a way to start looking out for what might be helpful. If you sign up for their newsletters or follow them on Twitter you will sometimes hear about free or low cost workshops, seminars or sessions they are putting on – and they can be a great way to observe or learn from some of the very best practitioners in the world.

SBShttps://skillsdevelopment.co.uk/ – They run training on CBT, Positive Psychology, ACT, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Mindfulness.

Psychwirehttps://Psychwire.com – They cover ACT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Emotional Focused Therapy, Assessing Suicide Risk. Their trainers are world class leaders in the sector.

REBT UKwww.rebtuk.com – Covers Rational Emotive Behavioural Theory.

Podium Psychology www.podiumpsychology.com/motivational-interviewing-training – Motivational Interviewing

Open Forwardswww.openforwards.com – ACT, CBT and Compassion Focused Therapy Training

Contextual Consultingwww.contextualconsulting.co.uk CBT or ACT training for specific issues.

Association of Sport Psychologyhttps://appliedsportpsych.org/ – A great organisation for applied sports psychs – with a brilliant annual conference. They will often put on online training sessions (they are based in the US) at affordable prices.

Think Psychologyhttps://thinkpsychology.co/ – ACT training. This training is focused on you are a practitioner – helping you think about how you can use the ACT approach in your own practice as well as with clients. Dawn and Richard will often show techniques between themselves in a virtual therapy session which is a brilliant way to see them in practice.

National Centre for Eating Disorderswww.eating-disorders.org.uk – Eating Disorder training.

Moonshothttps://www.moonshotseries.co.uk/ignite – Sport Psychology training for young athletes but could also benefit to trainee sport psychologists. It’s £145 and they offer a small number of sponsored places on the course.


Empower2Performwww.empower2perform.com/services – Multicultural training for sport psychologists.