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Josephine can run workshops, webinars or talks for clubs, organisations, schools and companies. 

These can be off the shelf on key issues that arise regularly or uniquely designed for issues which are currently holding back your athletes. Workshops can really bring together groups who have not been connecting well, and they can help them focus on areas that will help them all improve.

How does it work?

Josephine can run workshops, webinars or talks for clubs, organisations, schools, and companies. These can be off the shelf (listed below) on key issues that arise regularly or designed specifically for your athletes or staff. Workshops are priced individually based on travel and time required but usually cost between £300 – £400.

£300 (online)  £400 (in person)

workshop 1:

I can control my emotions.

This workshop covers the basic neuroscience of what happens when we are trying to perform at a high level in sport or our career. We will work on ways to better manage the process; such as building up our confidence beforehand, reducing pressure or perfectionism and creating the types of goals that we can control and we will learn techniques which help us to stay calm and perform under pressure.

Workshop 2:

I can turn nerves into rocket fuel.

In this workshop we look at how we switch from a threat focused approach (where we are being driven by fears, such as failure) into a challenge mindset (where we are driven by mastery) and become excited to compete. We will look at ways to calm our nerves when we notice the fears arriving and ways to boost our confidence so we can feel we can handle whatever is thrown at us.

workshop 3:

I can max up my motivation.

Many athletes will get a dip in the season when they feel fatigued or when they have been hit by some setbacks. This workshop explains a brilliant motivational theory (self-determination theory) and explains how we use it to create tools and techniques we can put in place to boost our motivation and get ourselves back on track.

workshop 4:

I can set great goals.

This workshop is great for the start of the season to help athletes understand the different types of goals they can set, how each type can help them with their training and competitive mindsets and how they can incorporate them in their training. As they go through the workshop they will learn how to build themselves a comprehensive set of goals based on a performance profile and their own values.

workshop 5:

Ten tools to build mental fitness.

As sport psychologists, we use a number of tools with athletes that don’t just help them perform better in sport but also support their success in day-to-day life. They help us handle anxiety and perfectionism, build self-awareness and confidence and ensure we give attention to the things which are within our control. This workshop explains how 10 of these key tools can help us in both everyday life and when we want to perform at a high level and should inspire each attendee to pick a few that will help them achieve success in their own area of excellence.


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Client Testimonials

Thank you to Josie for an interesting and informative session.

Josie was fantastic and really helpful, I’d love to hear more from her.

Provided a tangible framework for me to try and take going forwards.

The speaker was very engaging and had lots of relevant examples from different fields.

Josephine was amazing and managed to get us involved”

Attendees at a workshop on 'The gift of knowing yourself'

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to Dr Josephine Perry at Performance in Mind for her fantastic sessions with us. We’ve covered Ten Tools to coping with lockdown, goal setting and staying motivated. It’s so hard to keep pushing and working hard day in day out when we’re all stuck inside on our own, but with the techniques and tools she’s given us, we’re feeling far more equipped now that our new online feis season has started! We can’t recommend the sessions enough!”

Christine Godsall

The Academy ANS Irish Dancing School

“When it came to finding inspirational classes for our athletes during lockdown 3, I instantly thought of Josie! Having worked with Josie in the past with our Worlds teams, I looked forward to giving our whole programme the opportunity to learn from her class. Now we’re back in the gym, I can see the positive influence this has had, with athletes implementing techniques learnt with Josie and its having such an impact in their training ready for their first nationals in 2 seasons!”

Emma Haggis

Surrey Starlets Cheerleading team

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