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At some stage in our lives almost all of us have had to face performance anxiety. Josephine’s speeches reflect the fear and frustration that comes with it – and offer numerous techniques to fix it. 

Josephine’s expertise is in helping VIPs (Very Intelligent Perfectionists) to handle the anxiety that comes when trying to perform at a high level whether that is in sport, stage, in business, academia or medicine. She offers keynote speeches that talk to this group or those who coach or lead these VIPs to help them manage their fears about not being perfect so they can live with less frustration and better able to reach their potential.  


How does it work?

Josephine’s signature speech explains to VIPs that their brain is not broken (as some fear) but that they simply need to understand why they behave the way they do, figure out what it is that their threat system is reacting to and learn the BRAVE approach. They will still feel their fears but will be better equipped to handle them. Using accessible but evidence-based research, stories of famous athletes and performers and case studies of VIPs, this talk offers a framework and ideas on how to more effectively handle the VIP status so their perfectionism and intelligence can enhance their careers rather than harm their wellbeing.

This keynote can be adapted to your audience to either cover the VIPs in the audience (they tend to head towards sectors like medicine, consultancy or banking) or to help leaders in a room support the VIPs they teach or lead to get the most from them.



what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“This workshop not only contained nuggets of gold explaining how to pitch and write your own pieces, which you would never come across during psychological studies, Josie also welcomed questions during the actual presentation. This openness created the opportunity to speak up when you had the urge to do so. I was aware of Josie’s reputation and success before signing up and am so glad I did as it certainly did not disappoint. Quite frankly one of the best workshops I have been to over the years.”

Louise Byrne

Performance Psychologist

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to Dr Josephine Perry at Performance in Mind for her fantastic sessions with us. We’ve covered Ten Tools to coping with lockdown, goal setting and staying motivated. It’s so hard to keep pushing and working hard day in day out when we’re all stuck inside on our own, but with the techniques and tools she’s given us, we’re feeling far more equipped now that our new online feis season has started! We can’t recommend the sessions enough!”

Christine Godsall

The Academy ANS Irish Dancing School

“When it came to finding inspirational classes for our athletes during lockdown 3, I instantly thought of Josie! Having worked with Josie in the past with our Worlds teams, I looked forward to giving our whole programme the opportunity to learn from her class. Now we’re back in the gym, I can see the positive influence this has had, with athletes implementing techniques learnt with Josie and its having such an impact in their training ready for their first nationals in 2 seasons!”

Emma Haggis

Surrey Starlets Cheerleading team

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