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About Performance coaching

These sessions work for anyone aiming to perform at a high level in whatever career they have chosen. We have worked with clients in medicine, law, stage, sales, and screen to help them develop brilliant skills and a mastery mindset approach to their career. 

This video Josephine presented for the Open University and BBC shows just how sport psychology techniques can be equally valuable in other careers.

How does it work?

There are no required number of sessions for performance psychology work. Some clients come for a few weeks until they have learnt what they need, others for a few months and some people will come and go as and when they have challenges at work they need support with. All the work is through the ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) approach which helps us understand and acknowledge the barriers we face but identify and use our values and purpose in life to overcome them.

£80 – £110

performance Psychology online

Each Sport Psychology session is online and costs £80 for 55 minutes.

performance Psychology    Face-to-face

If you would prefer face to face sessions they cost £110 and take place in Chiswick, West London.  

book a block of sessions

A block of 5 – 6 sessions. Please get in touch.


Real Work.
  Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Josie delivered a huge amount of insightful and useful information in the Ten Tips for Mental Health Fitness session she delivered to over 80 members of the Women’s Sport Collective.  We received lots of positive members’ feedback and we all learnt plenty to help keep us positive in everyday life and during challenging times, thank you Josie.” 

Kate Hannon

Co-Founder, Women’s Sport Collective

“Working with Josie has helped me to develop a more flexible mindset toward my training and racing. Instead of approaching hard sessions and big training weeks as requiring perfection, focusing on the process rather than the outcome is helping me to become a more adaptable athlete and that will serve me well on race day, when so many factors are outside my control. Josie has encouraged me to celebrate my successes and be kinder to myself and this has allowed me to start thinking about “doing well” rather than “not messing up”, a very positive change and one that I know will help my performance going forward.” 

GB Age Group Triathlete

“I worked with Josie while I was training full-time in Circus Arts at Circomedia. Josie’s business, sports and athletic background mean she is perfectly placed to work with high performers across disciplines. I was in a relatively unique position, having started full-time training at the age of 38, during a pandemic, and needed support with performance anxiety, impostor syndrome and exploring my purpose in relation to my reasons and motivation for training at this later life stage. I absolutely loved our sessions – each week I’d receive really practical tips that helped improve both my mindset and performance and my sessions with Josie always led to deeper insight around my interest in sport, arts and personal development. With Josie’s encouragement, I even ended up writing a long thought of blog post about what sport and business can learn from the arts – and unlocked further personal development in doing so. Josie has a real gift for seeing the hidden elements of a high performer, and unlocking the gold that’s in them, and I know I’ve taken on a lot of the learning into life after circus school.”


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