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Dr. Perry previously worked as a journalist, has published three books, appeared on dozens of podcasts, and written countless articles for news, sport, and business publications.

She is experienced in public speaking, media interviews, and working with brands who want to incorporate sport psychology into their PR and Marketing Campaigns. If you would like performance psychology-focused content created for Television, Podcasts, Articles, or Campaigns please contact: or 07958 519733 to discuss your requirements.

I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness

by Dr.Josephine Perry

I can. It is the mantra of many successful athletes. The successful athletes we all enjoy watching and aspire to join don’t just work physically hard – they learn how to use their brain really well too. In their time in sport they have learnt tonnes of mental skills and have honed a performance focused mindset to give themselves the best chance of achieving their sporting dreams. This book is designed to help you become one of these athletes. Someone whose body can already show off brilliant sporting skills but who now wants to learn to master the mental skills too. 

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