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With our tri club full of ambition and enthusiasm for the season ahead, Dr. Josie Perry stepped in to give us a very insightful and useful session on goal setting. Josie’s talk couldn’t have come at a better time. As the new year begins our athletes are eager to knuckle down to training and often target lofty goals. Often, however, not enough thought goes into why we want to achieve those goals and if they are appropriate. It’s so easy just to sign up for what everyone else is doing. What Josie really helped with was breaking down the process for understanding our own ambitions and then make sure we could frame those goals in the most constructive way. As a club coach, she provided me with invaluable tools to support club members as they prepare for their athletic journeys. I had a both experienced Ironman club members and newbies alike come up to me in the following days to talk about re-framing their season’s goals. And the common goal they all wanted to add? To race… and to have fun!   Thank you Dr. Perry for your wise words.

Wei Ho Ng – London Fields Triathlon Club