Perform in sport – mental skills training

If you are looking to improve your sporting performance you can benefit from developing an elite mindset; learning strategies to improve your mental abilities in races and boost the impact and effectiveness of your physical training. The strategies will help you maximise your long term sporting success, deal better with injury and can help if you are aiming to achieve a one off big ticket challenge.

The packages cover at least four one-to-one sessions and will be structured as:

  • An initial consultation and assessment – this is held either in person or over Skype to discuss the mental skills you already use, your racing or training objectives and areas that currently (or may in the future) hold you back from achieving these goals. After this session you will be asked to reflect upon some questions and answer some questionnaires to hone in on the areas of mental skills training that will benefit you most.
  • A programme of work which is created for you to ensure you learn the strategies and tools which will help you. These can be developed, taught and discussed in person or over Skype. At least two sessions will be required for this.
  • A final session a few weeks later to discuss how the strategies are working, update goals or plans, help on perfecting any of the skills and discuss if any further work is required.

Box of tricks

BoxThe package comes with a ‘box of tricks;’ toys and tools which help an athlete learn the techniques and skills needed to become more successful and stay on track when learning some of the mental skills. The box can be sent to you on purchase of the programme so if you are looking to buy mental skills training as a gift for someone it will make a much more interesting present.

The packages can support those…

Who compete regularly to prepare for their season so they can maximize success in all their races. Often includes strategies and tactical goal planning, setting of targets and focus for the season, the identification of mental skills to improve performance and one to one training to learn those skills.

Who are currently injured to set goals for recovery and information and advice on making the most of injury time to learn new mental skills. The process will also include identification of potential trigger points and stressors for further injury and help to ensure these can be managed effectively.

Who are setting out on a once in a lifetime challenge to identify all the sub and process goals required to achieve the challenge, the mental skills strategies needed to be successful and one to one training to learn these skills.

The training package costs £250. Please contact for further details or to book.

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