confidence building package

About the confidence building package

The programme works well for both teenagers and adults but will be adapted for age, sport, performance level and ambition. For children of primary school age I can direct you towards sport psychologists who work with younger athletes. 

This is for people struggling with stress or anxiety before matches, competitions, exams or big events. If you have any type of performance fear the programme is designed to support you into greater self-awareness of the triggers, learning how to soothe the threat system, identification of values and goals so you are motivated to perform (even when anxious) and tools to cope when you feel under pressure.


How does it work?

The goal of the programme is to take your performance needs and turn them from a scary threat into an exciting challenge. We will work on developing a mastery mindset and create a toolkit of over 10 different techniques, strategies and coping mechanisms so you don’t only perform better but actually enjoy the process too.  

This programme can be completed in two ways: Either 8 x 1-hour long sessions over Zoom or 2 x 3-hour face to face sessions Chiswick, West London (around 1 month apart). Both packages come with a box of tools and require a questionnaire completed in advance so the process matches your key areas of need.



session 1:

Learning about your threat system

session 2:

Key trigger identifications

session 3:

Hassles and Stressors


session 4:

Gold medal decision making


session 5:

Spotting the strengths

session 6:

Scenario Planning


session 7:

Competition strategies

session 8:

Functional analysis


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“This workshop not only contained nuggets of gold explaining how to pitch and write your own pieces, which you would never come across during psychological studies, Josie also welcomed questions during the actual presentation. This openness created the opportunity to speak up when you had the urge to do so. I was aware of Josie’s reputation and success before signing up and am so glad I did as it certainly did not disappoint. Quite frankly one of the best workshops I have been to over the years.”

Louise Byrne

Performance Psychologist

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to Dr Josephine Perry at Performance in Mind for her fantastic sessions with us. We’ve covered Ten Tools to coping with lockdown, goal setting and staying motivated. It’s so hard to keep pushing and working hard day in day out when we’re all stuck inside on our own, but with the techniques and tools she’s given us, we’re feeling far more equipped now that our new online feis season has started! We can’t recommend the sessions enough!”

Christine Godsall

The Academy ANS Irish Dancing School

“When it came to finding inspirational classes for our athletes during lockdown 3, I instantly thought of Josie! Having worked with Josie in the past with our Worlds teams, I looked forward to giving our whole programme the opportunity to learn from her class. Now we’re back in the gym, I can see the positive influence this has had, with athletes implementing techniques learnt with Josie and its having such an impact in their training ready for their first nationals in 2 seasons!”

Emma Haggis

Surrey Starlets Cheerleading team

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