Sport psychology for juniors

dan-gold-pitchPlaying sport is great as a child or teenager. It teaches fantastic skills, creates a fun social life and can be a really healthy experience. However, when they start to take their sport seriously; training for many hours and entering competitions, the pressure and expectations young athletes put upon themselves can become overwhelming, they can lose their emotional control and risk dropping out as their love of their game disappears.

Sport psychology can help young athletes cope better with these pressures and teach them tactics and strategies to maintain focus, motivation and passion, even under the most competitive of situations. Young athletes can also benefit from support in developing a performance mindset, improving their mental skills and dealing better with injury or setbacks. All plans are personalised and designed around the athlete’s specific needs.

When: I prefer to work with young athletes in person (rather than over Skype). I can see young athletes at the Children’s Wellbeing Centre in Chiswick, The Practice at 322, West End Lane, West Hampstead and in their homes (in London) by arrangement. For athletes over the age of 14 I can see them over Skype if they are outside of London.

How much will it cost: £500 for a set of sessions which includes a detailed assessment (90 minutes) and five sessions (55 minutes each) to work on the specific issue the athlete is dealing with and some mental skills which would benefit their sporting performance. After this I charge £100 a session (Skype is £75 a session)

How do I book: Through the contact page or call: 07958 519733