Developing a performance mindset

confidence-boostersIf you are looking to increase your success you will benefit from developing an performance mindset; learning strategies to improve your mental abilities and boost the impact and effectiveness of your physical training. The strategies will help you maximise your long term success, deal better with injury or set backs and can help if you are aiming to achieve a one off challenge. All plans are personalised and designed around your specific needs but tend to follow the following structure:

  • An intake consultation and assessment – this is held either in person or over Skype to discuss the mental skills you already use, your objectives and areas that are currently preventing you from achieving these goals. After this session you will be asked to reflect upon some questions and answer some questionnaires to hone in on the areas of mental skills training that will benefit you most.
  • A programme of work, set across four sessions, is created for you to ensure you learn the strategies and tools which will help you. These can be developed, taught and discussed in person or over Skype. These sessions will be different for each athlete or performer based on their event and their current difficulties.
  • A final session a month later to discuss how the strategies are working, update goals or plans, help on perfecting any of the skills and discuss if any further work is required.
  • All work created as part of the package is collated and sent to you afterwards so you can refer back to it and refresh your skills in the future.

This package can work well for…

  • Someone who competes or performs regularly and wants to maximise their success and learn some long term mental skills and performance techniques. The plan often includes strategies and tactical goal planning, setting of targets and focus for the season and the identification of mental skills to improve specific barriers in current performance.
  • Anyone who is currently injured to set goals for recovery and information and advice on making the most of injury time to learn new mental skills. The process will also include identification of potential trigger points and stressors for further injury and help to ensure these can be managed effectively.
  • Those setting out on a once in a lifetime challenge to identify all the sub and process goals required to achieve the challenge, the mental skills strategies needed to be successful and one to one training to learn these skills.

When: Times available during the day or until 10pm in the evening. You can book directly into the diary at: and use this to see if there are times which would suit you.

Where: Skype or in person in West London

How much will it cost: £400 (Skype) £450 (Clinic, your home or other venue). This co covers the initial session, the four individual sessions and the follow up session.

How do I book: Through the contact page or call: 07958 519733. You can pay for the sessions here:

Skype payment                  In person payment


An athlete who used the ‘Developing a performance mindset package’ says:

“I wanted to drop you a line now I’ve got my head around the race a bit more and say a huge thank you. Both for your support on the day which meant so much and all your guidance in the build up. I found I called on a number of different things we worked on throughout the race; from visualisation helping me to be comfortable running at night, relaxation techniques when things didn’t go as well and planning for different situations that arose and how I could respond to them positively. It made such a difference to my race experience.”

“I am now able to use things I already know to help build my confidence and a positive attitude, instead of always relying on others. I am able to stay more focused in a race and am able to focus on specific, achievable smaller targets. I am able to approach things that I was nervous about with more confidence and armed with new ways to approach them and I have better, more useful, strategies in place for dealing with areas of my sport that make me nervous or I feel I am not as good at.”

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