Professional Athlete package

Sport is a tough career and to succeed elite athletes need strong support around them. One of the key areas of support is sport psychology and mental conditioning. This package provides that. Initially the athlete is assesses to understand their strengths, barriers to greater success and mental skills they already use and then a long term plan of work is developed to teach the mental skills which will be most effective alongside regular support for goal setting, competition strategy and planning, post competition analysis and any issues they may encounter.

The strategies will help the athlete maximise their long term success and deal better with injury or set backs. While clearly performance in sport is very important, the philosophy behind this package is that wellbeing is always kept in mind. Sport is a short career and so the support offered focuses on supporting long term mental and physical health as well as immediate sporting success.

This package can work well for…

  • Someone who competes or performs at an elite or professional level and wants to maximise their success and learn some long term mental skills and performance techniques. The elements worked on include strategies and tactical goal planning, a strong focus on maximising strengths, the setting of targets and focus for the season and the identification of mental skills to improve specific barriers in current performance.
  • Young athletes living or competing away from home who may need some additional support to cope with new situations they encounter such as difficult coaches, extensive levels of pressure or balancing university work and training.

Where: Skype, email or in person in West London

How do I book: Through the contact page or call: 07958 519733

How much will it cost: £125 a month

When: Support is available at any time and athletes will get responses within 24 hours.