Challenge mindset package

medal-displaysIf you enter a marathon you’ll spend around 100 hours training your body (at least 4 hours a week of running, core and cross training over 6 months). If you are doing a sportive you’ll be spending hours and hours on your bike. Whatever your sport and whatever the challenge many of us spend hours physically training and completely forget to train our brain at the same time. And yet doing so can make a great deal of difference; from helping us set the right goals and plan effective, deliberate training through to having tactics prepared to use in the race itself.

By working with a sport psychologist you can learn the key mental skills you need to be successful in your challenge. Five sessions are included here and each one will work on a specific skill but also give you time to discuss any issues you are coming across in your training or any worries you are having about completing your challenge. The sessions will be spread out over 10 weeks to give plenty of time to practice the skills and you will receive weekly tips and tactics to try out in training.

Why I would consider this package: To learn the key mental skills you need to have a great challenge mindset:

  • Session 1 – setting your goal and prioritising the aspects of your sporting performance you want to develop and focus on.
  • Session 2 – keeping your thoughts helpful and effective throughout training and during the event itself.
  • Session 3 – getting back on track if you start to struggle in training or the event
  • Session 4 – creating your race day mindset
  • Session 5 – confidence booster and race day preparation

Who will I be seeing: Our Sports Psychologist, Dr Josephine Perry. Dr Perry works with athletes all over the country to help them learn the mental skills which lead to success in sport, overcome any barriers they are up against and to develop greater levels of mental toughness.

When: Times available during the day or until 10pm in the evening. You can book directly into the diary at: use this to see if there are times which would suit you.

Where: Skype.

How much will it cost: £300 (a saving of £75 on five individual sessions)

How do I book: Through the contact page or call: 07958 519733

Quote from a runner who used this package: “Realising I was struggling with confidence and the pressure I was putting on myself was really effecting my enjoyment of racing I decided to add the absolutely amazing Josie of Performance in Mind to my team. I have absolutely zero regrets about this, signing up for the Marathon prep package meant I had 5 one to ones to explore some great tools to help me build confidence and focus on my strengths as M Day got closer. She has helped me transform my mindset on racing, and I absolutely love it now.” Emma, Marathon runner.