Head in the race programme

As we come out of the COVID-19 Lockdown and sport is starting up again we have put together a programme for those who might be a little nervous at getting back into  competition.

The ‘Head in the Race’ offer covers four sessions for Runners, Cyclists, Rowers or Triathletes who are feeling nervous about getting back into racing. In the sessions we will work on six evidence-based sport psychology techniques so you can approach the race with confidence and feel proud of your performance:

  1. Imagery – so you have already been successful in your race many times mentally
  2. Strength work – so you bring out your best in the race
  3. Values identification – so you know your purpose
  4. Informational and motivational mantras – so you are able to your purpose into your performance
  5. Creation of a ‘What if plan’ – so you prepare brilliant and reduce anxiety
  6. A pre-race confidence booster – so you feel excited not stressed on the start line.

The cost of the four sessions is £250 and can be booked directly or you can send any questions to Josie@performanceinmind.co.uk