Strategies for life stresses

Psychologists have identified over 150 hassles that many of us have to deal with in our day to day lives. Some of these we can brush off and cope with easily. Others gradually wear us down, cause us stress and take away some of our daily joy. Having too many of these hassles going on can make us feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Research published in January 2018 highlighted that 57% of us feel completely overwhelmed by the number of work, household and administration commitments we have. One media survey estimated the annual extent of these chores as including 197 trips to the supermarket, 239 loads of washing, 296 evening meals to cook, 150 piles of ironing and 130 trips to the Post Office or bank. Another media survey suggested that over a year we add into these commitments; 452 arguments, 171 hours driving our children to school and clubs and we each spend over 14 hours a year just looking for things like the TV remote or the car keys!

30% of people in these surveys said they were hoping for a lucky break to make their lives easier. Others said bigger houses would make a big difference. But moving is expensive and lucky breaks are not particularly reliable. That phrase about needing to make your own luck is, frustratingly, true. So this package from Performance in Mind is designed to help you take control and develop strategies to minimise the number and severity of the hassles you need to deal with in your life.

In this programme we work together to identify all of the day to day hassles you are dealing with and identify the extent to which they are impacting negatively on your life. We then work from a performance psychology perspective to create strategies to tackle the most prevalent hassles and reduce the overall amount of stress you are dealing with.

This programme can work well for…

  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed and out of control
  • Anyone feeling like they are spinning too many plates in the air
  • Someone looking for a little bit of space to help them reflect and think clearly.

When: Times available during the day or until 10pm in the evening. You can book directly into the diary at: and use this to see if there are times which would suit you.

Where: Skype, Chiswick (Roko Gym) or West Hampstead (The Practice at 322).

How much will it cost: £150 for the hassles analysis and the two sessions. Any further follow up sessions cost £65.

How do I book: Through the contact page or call: 07958 519733.