Getting back on track

Performing at a high level consistently is not only difficult, but also rare. We all have bumps in the road and sometimes it is helpful to have support in recovering from them. For those aiming to regain their previous levels of performance or motivation we offer regular support.

If you already feel you know what is causing you an issue in your performance or have a single problem you are looking to solve then one to one sessions will help you talk through the causes of that issue, sometimes completing questionnaires to focus on specific elements of the issue and see us work together to identify strategies to help you manage it effectively. If you cannot yet identify the specific issue, some time discussing your event and your current feelings about it may help to clarify the barriers you are facing. Alongside regular support over Skype, Email or in person specific projects will be agreed to help you develop your mental and performance skills.

This programme can work well for…

  • Those who are struggling to reach previous levels of performance
  • People who have lost their motivation for their sport or event
  • Someone who is looking for regular support to help them reflect, understand their barriers and to become their sounding board.

When: Times available during the day or until 10pm in the evening. You can book directly into the diary at: and use this to see if there are times which would suit you.

Where: Skype or in person in West London

How much will it cost: £100 a month (to include one individual session and as much email support as required)

How do I book: Through the contact page or call: 07958 519733