Media training for professionals

The media may often be maligned for its simplistic summaries, its eye-widening headlines and its fickleness to pick and choose an agenda. But, used correctly over a number of different channels (social media, online, print and broadcast) you can spread your research or expertise far and wide, build engagement and ensure your work is picked up by stakeholders, other researchers and politicians to make a real difference in policy.

These sessions cover four key areas:

  • How to identify your key messages
  • How to develop a positive social media presence
  • How to work with online and print journalists
  • How to conduct a radio or TV interview.

By the end of the session you should feel more confident in working out your key messages, engaging with journalists and keen to get going on spreading your stories.

This package can work well for…

  • Those who are tasked with promoting their organisation through the media.
  • Those who working within the research field and want to find effective ways to promote their work directly to the public
  • Those looking to raise their personal profile in order to further their careers.

Completing the session should leave you feeling:

  • Able to identify and hone key messages
  • Confident with the online persona they portray through social media
  • Able to portray key messages in interviews (both written, phone and broadcast)
  • Confident at engaging with journalists.

Where: At a location to suit

How do I book: Through the contact page or call 07958 519733

How much will it cost: £600 per day plus travel costs.

When: At a time / date to suit the client. The session will require a full day.