Media training for athletes

Performance in Mind research (read it in the Media Mindset Paper ) with 10 Olympic athletes who have extensive experience of working with the media has found that with a more complicated and instant media environment than ever before, an athlete who sees the media as an inconvenience, an interference and as a threat will find it can impact negatively on their performance. Those who are able to develop a facilitative media mindset will be able to cope working with the media much more effectively and ensure they can use the media engagement to benefit their performance. The research identified two key routes that will help to develop a facilitative media mindset; (1) confidence when speaking to and engaging with journalists and social media and (2) learning how to ensure you are always in control of a media situation. These training sessions teach athletes both elements.

After the session an athlete should feel more confident to take on media interviews and know how to control media work between so it does not impact their performances negatively taking athletes more towards a facilitative media mindset.

This package can work well for…

  • Elite and professional athletes who are likely to have to engage with the media either now or in the future.

The individualized media training session will cover:

  • How to engage effectively on tv, radio, online and during newspapers interviews
  • Social media tactics and advice.
  • Practice sessions for all formats

Where: At a location to suit the athlete/athletes

How do I book: Through the contact page or call 07958 519733

How much will it cost: For an individual athlete to cover the preparation and a three hour session at a location to suit the athlete the service costs £300 plus travel costs. For a larger number of athletes the costs will rise to £600.