Media skills for athletes

Whether we like it or not, for professional athletes it is very difficult to ignore the media. There will be requests from sponsors to be active on social media, messages from journalists wishing to hear you views and stories. Fans of your sport wanting to feel engaged with you. There may even be a nagging pull at the back of your mind about how you need to use the time when you are in the limelight to boost your profile so you can more easily get work when you retire.

Rather than hiding away from media, learning how to use it effectively; to protect your reputation, to boost your funding and to proactively enhance your performance can be really beneficial for an athlete. The posts below all give you guidance on how to do this. To get some individual support for yourself or your team contact us. We can run workshops, audit your current social and traditional media content or teach you how to perform on the media stage, as well as you do on your sporting one.

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