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Marathon running

8 weeks till marathon – Training diary

7 weeks till Marathon – Understand your motivation

6 weeks to Marathon – Visualise your run

5 weeks to Marathon – Pre-race routine

4 weeks to Marathon – Distraction technique

3 weeks to Marathon – reframe your thoughts

2 weeks to Marathon – make your mantra

1 week to Marathon – confidence booster

Marathon done – Banish any post race blues


Mental skills

7 steps to get a mindset for success for athletes in any sport

Ways to stop negatively comparing yourself to others

Dealing with mental fatigue

What is your mantra?

Superstitions in sport

Can ‘imagining success’ make you more successful?

Self-confidence: Why you need it and how to get it

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Make goals. And make them sticky…

Max out your motivation

Mental recovery from a major injury


Tips from the top of the podium 

Jasmijn Muller

Annie Emmerson

Eddie Brocklesby

Dame Sarah Storey

Yanto Barker

Handling the media

The ideal training camp

Successful injury recovery


Learning from the best – Interviews with great athletes

Eddie Brocklesby

Dame Sarah Storey

Annie Emmerson

Sally Gunnell, Lucy Martin & Joe Townsend

Yanto Barker

Jasmijn Muller


Great sport psychology resources, books and podcasts

Endurance sport specialists

Great books on running

Cycling books

Listen your way to success…

Books to make your brain buzz…

Grim outside – get inspired

What is a Sports psychologist?

Four free and easy ways to learn


Latest research in Sports Psychology

Latest research: Getting what you want!

Latest research: Recovery strategies

Latest research: Sports Psychology

Latest Research: The Yips

Latest research: Endurance athletes

Latest research: The importance of social support

Latest research: Supporting junior athletes…

Latest research: Those performing in extreme circumstances….

Latest research: The psychology of doping

13 new pieces of sports psychology research


Tips and advice

Going back to work after maternity leave

Social media mistakes by athletes

Dealing with change

Sleeping before a big race

A challenge: Two words to lose from your vocabulary

Advent tips

London Marathon tips – 2 week countdown

2016 minus a month….

Tips from retired athletes about dealing with the media

The five Cs of networking

Great quotes, thoughts and tips to keep in mind

Five rules to live by

Find your Wonder Women or Magical Men

10 tips to stop drowning in email


Wider sports interest

Is it possible to win the war on doping?

Compression kit: Are you squeezing yourself out of strength

Rugby World Cup at home…Grasping the advantage

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