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For anyone

Mind Beauty Style: How to beat your inner bully


For all athletes

The Times: On how to stick to a specific goal like Dry January

Sunday Post: On why you should have goals rather than resolutions

Yahoo: On staying motivated to train throughout winter

Marathon Talk: On mental toughness:

Runners Guide:


Sports Sister: On breaking through the pain barrier:

Tri247: How Jasmijn Muller survived 62 hours on a turbo, and set a new record.


For parents of athletes

Athletics Weekly: Being the perfect sports parent


For Cyclists

Cycling Weekly: Is cycling the toughest sport

Cycling Weekly: Building confidence on the bike

Cycling Weekly: Gender and cycling performance

Cycling Weekly: Are you addicted to Cycling?

Total Women’s Cycling: On using sports psychology to help you breathe better for climbing hills on the bike: Climbing on the bike

Total Women’s Cycling: On how to win the mental battle when you race

Total Women’s Cycling: On how to set goals

Total Women’s Cycling: On ‘What if’ planning and ‘pre-performance routines’

Total Women’s Cycling: On how to use visualisation

Total Women’s Cycling: Reframing your thoughts

Cycling Weekly: Dealing with setbacks

Cycling Weekly: How to avoid making training mistakes

Cycling Weekly: How to bounce back from a crash

Cyclist: What makes you a cyclist?

Evans Cycles: The Psychology of Cycling. Why do some cyclists push themselves to their limits


For Runners

Athletics Weekly: The unexpected pressures on Rio athletes

Athletics Weekly: How coaches can give great feedback

London Marathon Website: Running through Winter

Athletics Weekly: Dealing with expectations: Managing great expectations

Athletics Weekly: Running with music, podcasts or your own thoughts

Athletics Weekly: Pick your perfect training partner

Athletics Weekly – On the couch pieces:

Athletics Weekly: On making great goals and sticking to them:

Athletics Weekly: Coach burnout

Athletics Weekly: Sleep for teenage athletes

The Independent: On the trend to go even longer after a marathon

Kinetic Revolution: On the psychology of running injury rehabilitation:

Evening Standard: With some tips for the London Marathon:

Athletics Weekly: On the alter egos that some athletes adopt in order to give them some of the characteristics they need to help them perform better in their sport.

Alter Ego AW 1 Alter Ego 2 AW

Athletics Weekly: On how the media can impact on athlete’s performance


Athletics Weekly: On the superstitions that some athletes follow in Athletics Weekly:

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Athletics Weekly: On the benefits of warm weather training camps – in Athletics Weekly

Head for the Sun AW

On me!

The Psychologist: On career change and promoting psychology in the media

Telegraph: On my career change from a Communications Director into Sports Psychology

Sunday Telegraph piece

The Guardian: On going back to university at 37.