10 tips… for athletes who YouTube

YOuTube logoYouTube is a great way to create on online visual portfolio of your sporting career. It can show sponsors or coaches how dedicated you are to your sport and how passionate you are about it. Videos are also a great way to show off any specialist skills you have.

  1. Don’t feel you need to follow tick boxes on YouTube – videos can be as long or as short as you want. But start off with a couple to get your channel up and running. You don’t need brilliant video editing skills. You can usually do everything you need on your phone or laptop.
  2. It sounds very simple but think about the name you pick for your channel. It needs to be fairly sensible if you are to be taken seriously as an athlete. What may be funny now won’t be if a sponsor decides it is too out there to represent their brand effectively.
  3. Keep what you post fairly tame – no changing room shower shots, controversies, or outspoken rants. It isn’t worth the fall-outs of potential sponsor rejection.
  4. Think about the title you use for each video so it is easy for people to find it when they search.
  5. Leave really positive, encouraging comments on other athlete’s videos and they may come watch yours. Engaging on other people’s YouTube feeds will help highlight that you also produce great content. So be active with creating content and commenting
  6. Use your other social media channels to link to anything you put up on YouTube.
  7. YouTube is all about creating great content that people want to watch. If you have a team mascot then you can have great fun doing races or games with them before or after a competition and posting the video.
  8. If you have a tough strength and conditioning workout do little ‘shots to camera’ throughout it explaining what you are doing and why and post it up afterwards.
  9. If you have good nutrition then videos of you baking healthy sports specific food can be helpful for people. Making your own sports drinks or energy bars can give other people great ideas and is valuable content.
  10. Short video diary extracts for any announcements you make about your sport, matches or competitions or injury breaks you are taking will also be of interest.

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