Ten tips… for athletes to grow twitter engagement & followers

  1. Follow other athletes in your team or club, athletes on the national team for your sport or other athletes in your sport you admire or are interested in their career path.
  2. Follow the governing bodies for your sports; at local, national and world level.
  3. Think about the companies whose products you currently use and companies you would like to be sponsored by and follow then, join in competitions and engage with them.
  4. Follow the media organisations and journalists who cover your sport, your local area or your hometown (if you have moved away) and retweet with comment any relevant stories they publish.
  5. Follow coaches and support experts in your sport – retweet any great articles they share.
  6. For all these people tweet them to say you have joined twitter and ask if there is anyone great you should be following. People often enjoy being asked for advice and offering tips.
  7. Check the big organisations in your sport, see who they follow, who are they retweeting and who they interact with and follow them.
  8. When you see anything of interest to others in your sport retweet it, sometimes offering your own comment.
  9. Put your twitter handle on your website, Facebook page, email signature and any printed material you do with sponsors so you can continue to grow followers.
  10. Do your twitter yourself. Some high profile athletes have an agent or manager tweet for them but this can feel unauthentic and followers realise they are getting something corporate and filtered rather than the actual views and perspectives of an athlete.


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