London Marathon tips

Use your 2 week London marathon build up effectively and as you taper your body, train your mind.
VLM T-13: Get your name put onto your running vest. This will give you lots of crowd support and their cheers will help you round
VLM T-12: Ask your supporters how you can thank them for everything they have done in your build up. Book that in as a treat for you all for post race.
VLM T-11: During this week’s runs, when you think negatively, work out how you could reframe those thoughts to be positive or motivational. Practice this.
VLM T-10: Caffeine before your race will make your running feel easier. Make sure you practice this beforehand to make sure your stomach can cope.
VLM T-9: Start thinking about your pre-race routine – what will you eat, how will you travel, will you warm up, listen to music, talk to others or be alone.
VLM T-8: Decide what you want to be thinking at each stage of the race. Research shows when you talk positively to yourself you can run faster.
VLM T-7: Think about how your running changes as you tire. What do you need to do to pick up your technique? Create a reminder phrase you can use mid race.
VLM T-6: Sleep is the best performance enhancer there is. Get lots of sleep in the week before the race as nerves make it hard to sleep the night before a marathon.
VLM T-5: Look back over your training diary and write down 3 sessions or races that highlight you can do well at VLM. Read through this whenever you get doubts.
VLM T-4: Know your motivation; a new PB, raising money or fitness & turn your reason into a short phrase you can continually repeat to yourself when it gets hard.
VLM T-3: Before you race do you like to be alone & quiet or surrounded by people chatting? Make a plan to do your preference so you feel comfortable on the stat line.
VLM T-2: Plan how you will distract yourself when things get tough in the race; maybe writing lists, spotting cool banners or chatting to others at your speed.
VLM T-1: Run through your pre-performance routine. Have everything ready to go for tomorrow. Have a great marathon.

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