Endurance sport experts

I give lots of talks for Age Group and novice triathletes, runners and cyclists on how they can use Sports Psychology in their training and racing. After the talks I often get asked for recommendations on coaches, nutritionists and other specialists who can help people reach their goals. I thought it might be helpful to pull together those who, from 12 years on the UK Triathlon scene I have worked with, trained with and interviewed for magazines to direct you to some of the very best in our business:


Annie Emmerson is not just the face of triathlon commentating on the BBC but is also a former world class Triathlete and Duathlete and now a triathlon coach. She is approachable and friendly and really knows her stuff when it comes to getting her athletes fit for their races. Her website is at: www.annieemmerson.co.uk/


If you are in West London then Bianca Sainty and her team of instructors (based in Hammersmith) are all about getting you fit. They can work with you individually but what I love about her set up is that most of her clients work through small groups. This makes the sessions more affordable but also much stickier. When it is cold outside and we have a session to do it is really hard to get out the door. Knowing you have a bunch of friends waiting for you means you go!  You can find out more about her sessions at: www.pod-fitness.com



Jo Scott-Dalgleish is a Registered Nutritional Therapist who specialises in supporting endurance sports participants. She focuses on helps those who are finding their nutrition a challenge, experiencing health issues impacting on their ability to train or race as they would wish, or are looking to improve on their current performance level. https://www.nutritionforendurancesports.co.uk/


SFTThe most common question I am asked is where can I learn to swim front crawl. Unless you come from a swimming background when you start in triathlon it is usually the bit that scares most of us. Can you swim non stop in the lake? Can you use breast stroke if you need to? Will I be able to swim surrounded by so many people? Will the fish nibble my toes (yes – that is quite a common question!) Swim for Tri have been running weekly sessions in London and workshops round the UK and internationally for over 10 years and will absolutely be able to help you get round your first race, and then help you get faster once you are addicted. www.swimfortri.com


When I meet people who look athletic but are not currently competing it is usually down to one thing. Injury. James Dunne runs KineticRev and has retaught hundreds of runners how to run after injury in ways that should protect them from future injury. He does group workshops all over the UK and his website is full of great strength exercises. Six years ago, after five stress fractures in three years I went to James as a last resort before quitting running for good. I haven’t had a stress fracture since. www.kinetic-revolution.com

Getting startedEddie

If you are over 50 and not done much exercise before then it can be really daunting as to know where to start. Gyms may not seem appealing and clubs may feel elitist. Eddie Brocklesby has set up a great charity called Silverfit, running sessions in parks all over London for over 50s who want to exercise in a welcoming and relaxed environment. www.silverfit.org.uk/

Training socially

Each of us have our own reasons to run; to catch up with friends, to keep Parkrun logoon top of our weight, to stay healthy or to chase new PBs. Whatever your reason Parkrun can help you do that. With free weekly timed 5k runs in 379 parks in the UK and now around the world you can run or volunteer and will always be made to feel welcome and part of the Parkrun gang. www.parkrun.org.uk/


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