Listen your way to success…

Three great podcasts played over Christmas might be of interest if you are looking to learn more about what can help your sports performance:

  1. For a bit of inspiration and maybe a few tears, Marathon Talk with Ben Smith is a riveting listen. Ben has designed and is taking on the 401 Challenge (401 marathons in 401 days around Britain). (Runs forever)
  1. On even longer distances than marathons, a piece from Sam Clark on iPlayer is looking at the world of Ultra distance running. (Runs until 30th Jan 2016)
  1. A BBC Five Live Sports Special with Sir Dave Brailsford on Marginal Gains. This is Sir Dave Brailsford and his pals (including Chris Froome and Matthew Syed) talking about the Marginal Gains methodology and how this focus on “progression not perfection” helps athletes enhance their performance by aggregating their marginal gains. Going into depth on this, and the roles they each play in advising, motivating, developing the culture and creating athlete confidence they highlight how this attention to detail can make a difference in any part of your life. (Runs until 30th Jan)

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