Grim outside – get inspired

Welcome to November in the UK. Windy, rainy, slushy decaying leaves on the pavements and a temperature that switches from requiring gloves and a hat to full on sweat fest with about 2 minutes notice!

If you’ve set the right goals, or you’ve got a challenge mindset, or enough intrinsic motivation, then heading out the door to run, cycle or trek to the gym in this environment can be just your thing. If you are not yet there then some inspiration may be necessary.

Motivational memes and videos are a bit like Marmite. You love them or you hate them. If you hate them, then future blog posts on setting the right goals and another on motivating yourself through self-talk might help you more. But if motivational videos are your thing then some of the best I’ve found are below.

2XU – Heart not hype (great for remembering why you do your sport).

Welcome to the Grind – on why you want to get your bum out the door to train.

London 2012 – just because…

The Swimmer’s mentality – a lovely way to hear the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Never give up – a bit strong but great for remembering not to wait till everything is perfect – to just try now.

For guaranteed tears – Norseman (one of the toughest triathlons in the world).

If you’ve watched a lot of sports movies this one is for you:

And a couple just for a giggle. Unless you are a triathlete – then it may cut a little too close to the bone ;0)

or a cyclist…

or a runner…

Would love to hear which videos you have to get you out the door.

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