Five rules to live by

A few weeks ago a very well established sports psychologist suggested that it can be valuable to write ‘your story’. 500 words on what makes you, you. 500 words was far too short to cram my ramblings into so I won’t share and bore. But what I found interesting was it became clear that I’ve lived my life to date by some very specific rules. Ones I’ve learnt from some amazing people who’ve helped guide me. Ones I never realised I had but which pop up time and time again every time a decision needed to be made or I was finding my way out of a pickle:

  1. Say yes to every opportunity. The things you’ll look back on and regret will be the things you didn’t do – not the things you did. Take a chance.
  2. Allow yourself to sulk occasionally – it will kick you out of your comfort zone and force you to look around and see what else is out there.
  3. When you find someone who believes in you, believe in them and take their advice and direction.
  4. You can’t control your environment. Don’t try to. Instead control how you respond to it.
  5. Whatever you do, do it really well. You can do anything you want – but you can’t do everything. So do a few things you love really well and the people you need to impress won’t be able to ignore you.

What are your rules?

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